Google Me 2008

Jim Killeen googled his own name and made a documentary about the men with whom he shares it.

Googolplex 1972

Extended editing techniques based on Land’s experiments affect the viewer’s sensory perceptions.

Googas 2008

A group of 4 adults accidentally summon a alien dubbed "Googas".

Googly 2013

Googly is a 2013 Kannada romantic comedy film directed by Pawan Wadeyar and produced by Jayanna Combines. Yash and Kriti Kharbanda are the lead actors while Ananth Nag and Sadhu Kokila play the primary supporting roles. The film released on 19 July 2013 and opened to a fantastic response at the box office. The film was declared a "Blockbuster".

Googuri Googuri 2010

Story of a girl’s imagination. ‘Googuri Googuri’ is a made up word, a secret word shared by a girl and her grandfather. For the granddaughter, her grandfather is at times like a mountain, at times like a tree, at other times like an ocean, and her thoughts take wing into her imagination endlessly.

Google and the World Brain 2013

The most ambitious project ever conceived on the Internet: Google's master plan to scan every book in the world and the people trying to stop them. Google says they are building a library for mankind, but some say they also have other intentions.

Google Glass: Seeds 2014

8,000 miles in the making, this Google Glass commissioned spot chronicles one man's journey to the furthest extents of the world in his quest to deliver a single envelope. Its contents: a mystery. His destination: unknown.

Google Baby 2009

A journey across three continents telling the story of the up and coming baby production industry in the age of globalization.

Googoosh: Iran's Daughter 2000

An impressionist feature-length documentary film, Googoosh: Iran's Daughter, aims to locate the "silenced" legendary Iranian pop singer/actress in the midst of Iran's social, political, and cultural transformation.

Workers Leaving the Googleplex 2011

Due to his video and interview based investigations of a top-secret, marginalized class of book-scanning workers on the campus of Google headquarters, Andrew Norman Wilson was fired from his job there as a video editor. Workers Leaving the Googleplex is the result of these investigations.

National Geographic - Inside Google 2012

A behind the scenes look at Google today. From Google's offices in China and Russia to the Googleplex (its Silicon Valley headquarters), uncover why this company's corporate philosophy and attitude is so unique among major companies today.

Inside The Mind of Google 2009

CNBC takes an inside look at Google one of the most powerful and successful technology companies in the world. It looks at the history of the company, discusses some of the privacy issues raised by its search engine, and examines the company's foray into the mobile phone market. It also looks at how Google uses ad-words to create enormous profits.

Google Current

Google Current is a brief, once every half hour, television program on the channel Current TV. Selected episodes are also available on the Internet. The series tracks not necessarily what the news is, but what people are searching for on Google. Each episode has a one or two word title, based on one of the websites or search terms highlighted. The top-of-the-hour segments use live hosts, while the middle-of-the-hour segments are presented with text, graphics and music. The hosted segments focus on searches that have recently seen increased popularity. Meanwhile, the segments at half past the hour look at the top five searches featuring a certain word; for example, the top five "twins" searches included the Olsen twins and the Minnesota Twins. The show was hosted by Conor Knighton and Kinga Philipps and featured Brett Erlich, Dave Hill, Eric Ledgin, and Stephen Schneider. Guest hosts included Johnny Bell, Nzinga Blake, and Kendis Gibson. On the UK version of Current TV the main host is Graeme Smith. As of July 10 2007 the hosted segments of Google Current in the US no longer air. The same staff now produces InfoMania on Current TV. The UK continued to run its own version which was filmed daily in London until the end of 2008.

Barney Google & Snuffy Smith 1963

There's feudin', fussin' and a whole lot of good ol' fashioned fun goin' on as those back woods rascals, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, rustle up a rib-ticklin' tub of mountain mirth. Barney and Snuffy are joined by the craziest collection of cantankerous characters ever to come out of them thar' hills, including Loweezy, Jughaid and Jerky Jockey for hours of down home country comedy.

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